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Poolside Basketball Hoops for Summer

One of the most popular trends in both indoor and outdoor sports is to find ways to combine some of your favorite sports and athletic activities to create fun new games. One of the fastest growing sports that have crossed over into a fun filledwater activity has been created by adding a poolside basketball hoop to swimming pools.

How Are Poolside Basketball Hoops Different?

Each poolside basketball hoop manufacturer may design their poolside version with different features and functions—but for the most part they are all fairly similar. They are all lower to the ground than a standard hoop, making it possible to “dunk” while in the water. The low hoop also increases the likelihood of the ball ending up back in the pool after a player takes a shot. However, some hoops can be adjusted up to 8 feet above water to make the game more challenging. Each poolside basketball hoop is placed directly at the edge of the pool, and most are mobile so that you can fully utilize your pool when you are not playing basketball.

The hoops are all regulation style and come with a backboard with the traditional markings to help you perfect your aim. The base of your swimming pool basketball hoop is weighted so that you don’t have to worry about it falling into the water while playing. However, if players hang from the rim when dunking there is a chance the hoop will fall still fall in.

What Are The Primary Difference Between A Poolside Hoop And A Regulation Hoop?

The primary difference between a poolside basketball hoop and a regulation hoop, is that the backboards are significantly smaller. This has more to do with decreasing the weight of the hoop, the ease of transportability, and the likelihood of tipping. Even though the backboard is smaller, most poolside hoops have regulation rims so that you can use a standard ball when playing in the pool.

Due to their lower proximity to the ground, poolside hoops are generally only available for pool side use—however you can use them to play ball with toddlers and young children out side of the water.

The Growing Popularity Of Poolside Hoops

As portable basketball hoops for the pool, continue to grow in popularity.  They are being found in country clubs, gyms, and homes across the nation. Poolside hoops range in price from $99-$1,200 depending on the size, setup, and type of anchoring system required. When selecting the ideal poolside hoop, look for one that balances your needs, while staying inside your entertainment and sporting goods budget.